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For Dey, Oily & Sensitive Skin

Price : Rs. 65/-

For Dry , Oily & Sensitive Skin Net Wt. 75g & Rs.65/-

For Dry , Oily & Sensitive Skin Face Clear Muli Specialised Baby & Women Soap Ingredients:Aloe vera 5%, Sandal wood Ext. 5%, Manjishtha 5%, Turmeric 1%, Almond Oil 1%, Olive Oil 1% & Glycerin 5%. S.L Face Clear Soap is made with organic sandal wood extract, this mind cleanser gives a pleasantly creamy lather and contains gentle oils to rejuvenate and soften the skin.
Direction: Splash taps with water, develop a rich lather and gently massage into the skin with fingers or face-cloth for 2 miniutes.Rinse if skin is very oily.Wash 1-3 times daily Suitable even for sensitive skin.

Total Quality & Price 75g & Rs.65